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a wellbeing space

a hub for community and living well

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Verona, Wisconsin

Conveniently located right outside of Madison, on the outskirts of Verona, WI - our space offers a thriving wellbeing community, state-of-the-art programming, and coaching to help you meet a variety of your wellbeing goals.


Not able to join us in person? Many of our small businesses offer online services to fit your hybrid or online needs in your busy schedule. 



After years of coaching and working in higher education, Akaylah wanted to find a new way of giving back and igniting her passion for the industry. When the right space became available, Akaylah jumped at the opportunity to grow her dream of building a hub for wellbeing small businesses right outside Madison, Wisconsin.


Whether you're a young professional trying to find your niche or a seasoned veteran in our industry, Akaylah lives to help you find joy in your work. Starting a wellbeing space allows Akaylah to provide a thriving community and space for professionals to continue growing while also serving their clientele.

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